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When their best friend, Drew, is struck by lightning it's up to Ryan and Alex to help him. But the lightning strike did more than knock Drew unconscious, it's quickly turning him into a monster, as he begins to have unimaginable power. And Drew has a score to settle with the school bullies. Can Ryan and Alex help Drew in time?
Aspiring journalist, Aspen Slater, is on a stake out when she runs into the legendary Fish Man. Can Aspen and her sometime boyfriend, Brigg, help Fish Man get back to Lake Tahoe before the evil Professor Marble puts him in a cage?
A Ghost Walker is following Wes Sparks around and getting him in trouble with his teachers and friends. Can Wes and his friends find out why the Ghost Walker is hanging around his school before his reputation is ruined and he fails the 8th grade?
While searching for arrowheads with his friend Mason, Jake unwittingly trespasses on a Native American burial site, unleashing the dangerous spirit, Ohanzee. Capable of changing into liquid form, there is no place Ohanzee can't go. Can Jake escape the Ohanzee's wrath?
After the death of his father in a climbing accident, Will travels to England to visit his cousin Cora for the summer. While walking the countryside, Will discovers a Griffon who roams the night skies. The Griffon is Sir Natar, a knight who had an evil spell placed on him hundreds of years ago. Only Sir Natar's missing sword can break the spell and return him to his human form. Can Will and Cora find the sword in time?
Oren saves the fairy, Nix, from a horrible death. In return, she offers to help Oren and his sister, Lorelle, find their missing father. Oren must challenge dangerous gnomes and climb to the peak of Mount Idits. If he fails, both Oren and Lorelle will be sent away to the orphanage, and they will never see their father again. Can Oren, with the help of the fairies, defeat the gnomes?
Strange creatures are everywhere!
Seek them out if you dare!

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A. J. Rasmussen
For Readers 10 - 14 yrs
Copyright 2012 A. J. Rasmussen
Who could have known that what happened sixty years ago in the Nevada desert could ruin Carl Dean's annual camping trip. Join Carl and his friend, Phil, in the abandoned mining town of Deadboldt, as they race against time to save his family - and themselves!
Clay Sweet's childhood friend, Ava Munson, discovers a way to rearrange and transport matter for her science fair project. But a mistake traps Ava in the transporter and transforms her into something inhuman. In her new form, Ava sets out to seek revenge for her parent's murder. Can Clay and his new friend, Darius, stop Ava's vigilantism and return her to her former self before the FBI trap her and lock her away forever?